2018 Corn Crop Blows Previous Record Away

With snow falling last week, some area farmers are still in the fields this week, rushing to get this year’s crop to storage before winter sets in. Scott Hillius, Country Partners’ Vice President of Grain, said last Friday that yields from the 2018 crop are substantially higher than previously recorded.

“Numerous producers have told us this is their best crop ever. In fact, USDA confirmed today that Nebraska’s corn crop averaged 195 bushels per acre. This is a full 10 bpa above previous records that includes both dryland and irrigated. This completely blew the previous record away! Ten bushels is a huge gain, and it is a testament to the ideal weather conditions and improved seed genetics, as well as advanced farming practices of today. (Farmers) have gotten very good at their trade. U.S. farmers are the best in the world at what they do.”

Hillius said the bumper crops and international tariff issues led to a very large shortage of storage space this fall. In fact, it is the first time Country Partners has needed to pile grain on an open ground site south of Arnold.

“Generally speaking, there’s normally a strong market for US soybeans this time of year. Moving beans makes much needed space for soon to be harvested corn, as the commercial US grain industry is not built to hold and store both harvested soybean and corn crops simultaneously….let alone the bumper crop our area has experienced this year. It’s been a very challenging, yet rewarding fall. It’s definitely a good problem to have, much better than experiencing drought and having many fewer bushels to market,” he said. 

Fortunately, Country Partners was ready to handle storage for the abundant crops ahead of time.

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