2020: The Year In Review

This week we look back at the year that was. As the clock struck midnight on January 1st, most people looked forward to another year of normalcy that we all take for granted. By mid-March, all of that changed, and the year was anything but normal. COVID-19 dominated the news. Mandates took affect, requiring face masks, social distancing, and cancellation of events. Businesses struggled to keep
their doors open, schools and jobs moved on-line, and people were told to stay home. The government – both at the national and state level – provided some financial relief.

The most heartbreaking thing of all, was as many of our beloved residents passed away, we couldn’t say goodbye due to mandates. Residents in nursing homes experienced extreme loneliness, as they were kept in their rooms – away from family and friends.

Thinking outside of the box became the new norm in the community of Arnold, as the school, organizations and residents tried to keep some of the annual traditions and events alive. Many succeeded, but some events – such as the A.H.S. Alumni Reunion – were completely cancelled.

In one culture, it is said that all doors and windows of the house must be open at midnight to usher out the old year, which clears the way for a promising new year to enter with a fresh, untainted beginning. So as we gladly usher out 2020, open those doors and windows in your home, take off your face mask, and breath in some fresh air as you welcome in 2021 with hope for a better year to come.

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