3-D Printer In Use at Arnold Schools. Arnold Community Foundation Fund Donates Full Cost

Around a year ago, an area farmer contacted Mr. Mohr, Arnold Public School’s shop teacher. This farmer was wanting to design and make a certain specialized part for his planter. This set in motion the motivation to pursue a piece of equipment that had caught the eye of Mr. and Mrs. Mohr a few years earlier. They thought that it would be very beneficial to purchase, as an addition to the already successful School House Graphics program.

Mr. and Mrs. Mohr did extensive research, comparing and asking lots of questions before they came up with what they were confident was the right choice for the school.

The decision was made to purchase a 3-D printer with the funds from the School House Graphics account; however, the Arnold Community Foundation wanted to help with the purchase, and they generously chose to donate $13,500.00 to cover the full cost.

Mr. Mohr expressed his appreciation for this donation, saying, “This will free up money to put toward other projects.”

The 3-D printer is compatible with Cobalt, the computer drafting program already used for the CNC. “This is Logan Coleman’s baby,” said Mr. Mohr. “Logan has worked on this from the bottom up, he has done all of the ground work to get it up and running. He has really taken ownership in this project.”

This included setting up the program, setting up the machine, learning all of the functions and learning how to maintain the equipment.

Critical thinking and problem solving are key to using and understanding the 3-D printer successfully.

To use the printer, the operator will create a 3-D drawing of the object they wish to make. The drawing is then entered into another program that chops it into layers that the 3-D printer can understand. Then they will choose a material to use, such as chopped carbon, nylon, carbon fiber, Kevlar or fiberglass. After choosing a material, it is then orientated to the print board. If everything is correct, the object is ready to print.

The goal for the 3-D printer is to be used by every grade, so each student can experience and learn this great piece of technology.

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