Boutique Opening on Main Street

Sugar Sand Boutique will open for business in Arnold on Wednesday, October 23. Located at 117 S Walnut on Main Street, the business is owned by Bobbi Starr and daughter-in-law Ellie Starr.

The business, named by Bobbi’s husband Scott for a type of white sand found in the Sandhills, has been doing well since October of 2018, when Ellie and Bobbi started selling items on Facebook and Instagram.

“It was Ellie’s idea, and I said, ‘Let’s do it!’” said Bobbi.

Bobbi and Scott purchased a home in Arnold three years ago to allow their kids to go to school at APS. Their main residence is still on the ranch near Stapleton. Ellie, who is originally from Michigan, met the Starr’s son Austin in college. They were married and live at the ranch.

When it came time to open a storefront, Arnold was the logical choice.

“We’ve always wanted a storefront, but it just wasn’t the right time. We looked around, and it was too expensive in North Platte. This makes more sense to have the business storefront in Arnold. We had a pop-up here and it went very well,” said Bobbi, who with Ellie is leasing the building from owner Shavonne Schacher.

Sugar Sand Boutique offers something for everyone of every age and taste. There are women’s tees, tops, sweaters, jeans, ponchos, jackets, shoes, jewelry, blankets and cups. Popular brands will include Pendleton and Kancan. The owners said they will do their best to offer some men’s items.

“I like to wear everyday clothes,” said Ellie. “We won’t target just one age group. It just depends on people’s style. We want a quick turnaround, so we’ll order six items and that’s it, unless it’s ordered on-line. We’ll restock in the store if requested.”

As far as pricing, Ellie said, “We’ve gone to other boutiques, and you have to give them an arm and a leg. We’ll try to make it affordable for everybody.”

The business will continue online, with Ellie taking the orders, and Bobbi shipping them out from the storefront.

Ellie and Bobbi also plan to do some updating to the store, including painting the interior and exterior with new colors. They are also creating a comfortable “hang-out section.”

Definite hours will be set a later time, with Bobbi manning the store and enlisting the help of her four older daughters. Ellie will come to Arnold when her schedule allows.

“We have unique items, and what we’re doing is working. People will have to make the trip and come here to see them,” said Ellie.

article by: Janet Larreau

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