BRAN Riders Welcomed to Town

Three Arnold organizations stepped up to the plate to serve Bike Ride Across Nebraska participants last Tuesday, as they cycled down the scenic Arnold-Dunning road and into town for a brief
stop before heading to Callaway for an overnight stay. North at the Y, St. Agnes women served
muffins, cookies, brownies and drinks. At the community center, 157 meals were served. The After
Prom committee served sloppy joes, pasta salads, and chips for $8.00 a meal, and the Rialto Theatre
provided dessert for $2.00. Mary Becker, who was involved with the Rialto Theatre dessert
fundraiser, said a lot of riders relaxed in the community center for a couple of hours, and complimented the facility. “It was a really nice group of people from everywhere. Two sisters were from Arkansas, and we talked to people from Wisconsin. A brother and sister had electric bicycles. They were very colorful. We talked about their bikes, and they had lots of stories. We enjoyed it,” she said.

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