Foundation Shows Support

At an early morning meeting of the Arnold Community Foundation, Rialto Theatre Board President Mary Becker presented a donation to the ACFF from the three showings of the documentary “Ocean of Grass.”  Mary was surprised, when the Foundation immediately donated the check back to the Rialto Theatre.

Close to 300 people paid admission to view three Sunday showings of the 86-minute long documentary “Ocean of Grass” at the Rialto Theater during the month of September.  Ticket sales, alongside other donation made to the theater, can now be used to update the speaker system.

Filmed over a 22-month span on the McGinn ranch in Blaine County, “Ocean of Grass” provides a compelling and honest window into the ranching lifestyle, and a view back to many Americans’ historic vision of what makes this country great.  Due to the generosity of film director George Joutras, the film will have three additional showings coming up at the Rialto Theater in Arnold.

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