March Brings Wild Weather

Arnold’s Old Mill Park drew many observers last Wednesday afternoon, as heavy rains and large amounts of melting snow created flooding. Although heavy rains have flooded the park in past years, this was the worst that some said they had ever seen, with rapids actually developing over the road.

Village Utilities Superintendent Doug De Laune said, “We came really close to losing the culvert that the river runs through. The road around the park is completely washed out, and we’ll have to rebuild it.”

In the territory surrounding Arnold, the story was much the same. Country roads were under water and washed out, with one resident commenting that water washed over a bridge north of them – something they had never seen before.

Blizzard conditions moved in that evening, resulting in power outages, cancellations, and more problems for area ranchers trying to care for their cattle and calves. Still, many area residents felt fortunate, as other parts of the state were hit exceptionally hard with historic flooding.

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