New Riverview Apartment Director Sets Goals

Courtney Beshaler Evans overseeing Riverview renovations, plans future projects.

A goal was reached towards the end of March, as Ellen Chrisp moved into the first newly renovated unit at Riverview Apartments. And now, there are 14 more to go.

Riverview was built in 1980 and the 15 units had become desperately run down due to age and use. In the remaining units that are yet to be updated, there are mismatched cupboards and old flooring. Everything is original from when it was built – even most of the appliances. With that in mind, the Arnold Housing Authority Board made the decision to renovate in 2021. Riverview is under contract to begin renovation on Unit #4 next, with a projected completion date of 6-8 weeks.

Management of Riverview changed hands a few times since the decision was made, and for Ellen, the wait was long. The new director, Courtney Beshaler Evans, plans on getting the projects done quickly and keeping the units occupied. All units will receive new flooring, appliances, toilets and faucets, light fixtures and fans, closet doors, kitchen cabinets and countertops and sinks.

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