I had a real awakening when I sat down to write my report on the annual Arnold Alumni reunion. Except for the Class of 1938, I remember every one of the graduations of all of the following classes. True, the Class of ’49 graduated while I was still in high school, but I remember them well. In fact, when I walked into the room where that class was having their get-together, I told them I was going to get even with them for the initiation that they as seniors in the Fall of 1948 put my class, the lowly freshmen, through as our introduction to high school. Would you believe taking us up to Devil’s Den and making us walk back to town – in the dark!

They really didn’t talk to me very much, but I heard them sharing memories of doing chores before they could go to school, living in small three room houses for five or six in the family, outside bathrooms, the tub in the kitchen for a bath, and a dad having to take them to school as they did not have a car. The one thing they all remembered was the Blizzard of ’49, where the boys would get out of school to shovel snow if they wanted, and Mr. Fuller had not got the word that one day school was dismissed, so he rode a horse to town from the farm home.

Class reunions took up most of the afternoon, with lots of memories shared. After the great meal, which was served to approximately 275 persons, and lots of squeals, handshakes and hugs, it was time for the awaited program. Guests were welcomed, a memorial with a prayer and reading of the names of alumni deceased in the past year was given.

Three reports followed: The Alumni report, the School Foundation report, and the Community Foundation report. The mistress of ceremonies, Mary McKain Dymond, Class of ’71, was introduced. She shared a little of her life following graduation; newly retired, she is heavy into volunteer work. The Person of Honor, Karen Jacobson, was called forward to be honored. Karen, who has been the school secretary for 52 years, retired this year. Most of Karen’s family was present to see her honored, and when the students who had been in the school during Karen’s tenure stood, it was a good share of the crowd. She was presented a lovely plaque made by School House Graphics. Karen then received a well deserved standing ovation. A favorite time of the program was when the honored classes strode across the front of the auditorium telling their names and locations where they live. All during the parade of classes, Mary shared some (just a tiny teaser) of the antics she had heard about in her visit to their class reunions (oh, to know more).

During the program names were called for generous door prizes donated by merchants and friends of Alumni. “The Invisible Bench,” and “The Gas Station,” were skits enjoyed by all. A short, appropriate piece was read, urging a united America, and the crowd closed by singing “God Bless America.”

Now I have to wait another year for another “alumni gathering.”

Written by Darlene Rimpley. For the rest of this story Subscribe to The Arnold Sentinel

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