Volunteers Spruce Up the Town!

Although on the chilly side, the weather cooperated for Monday’s annual clean up day, with volunteers from the school, Rotary, Legion, and the community picking up trash, pruning, raking, weeding, mulching, and hauling away branches at some 35 locations on both city and residential properties. The list was long, and most any request was granted, including taking off storm windows and putting up screens.

At the City Park, volunteers removed the playground border in preparation to enlarge the area to include a merry-go-round. Mulch, which wasn’t expected until after Monday, arrived just in time for the kids to help spread it during clean-up day. “It was a big surprise,” said Cheryl Carson, AEDC Director. “I thought we would have to hire it done later.”

On the other side of town, Tiff Varney organized the clean up of landscaping at the community center. Tiff and his late wife, Barb, originally planned and landscaped around the Center in memory of their late son “Moose,” and have overseen its care ever since.

Chamber served a noon meal, and the Village provided water for the hungry and thirsty crew.

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